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A business’s intellectual property takes many forms. It can range from customer lists, formulas, designs, plans, prices, business plan, strategies, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Intellectual property theft or misappropriation can be used to unfairly compete with competitors in every industry. Intellectual property can be the lifeblood of an established or start-up company. Theft and misuse of this intellectual property, or threat of a lawsuit, can destroy a company.

Newport Beach Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Lawyer

A few scenarios we have handled in various industries including health care, technology, arts and entertainment, sports, the service industry, garment industry, toy industry, include:

  • “She worked for us, stole our designs and plans, and opened a competing business. She is targeting our existing customers because she also had access to and stole customer lists. She is trying to build her business off our blood and sweat.”
  • “Company X is using a confusingly similar name and trademark. They are in the same industry as us. The name and mark they are using is a rip-off of our name and mark. Our customers are now confused. Company X is passing itself off as us and they have no right to do so.”
  • “My former business partner opened a separate business without my knowledge and tried to sell my designs to one of my customers. The customers had no idea we were no longer business partners. He used my name and diverted purchase orders to a P.O. Box. We found out only because we saw our designs in an industry catalogue. We lost substantial business, while he profited of our good will and reputation.”
  • “They are accusing us of stealing their toy designs and infringing their copyright. We produced these toy designs on our own. They are just trying to put us out of business because they know we can’t afford a lawsuit.”
  • “I got fired. I started my own business in the only industry I have known for 20 years. They are accusing me of stealing their customers. Obviously, we will compete, but I did not solicit their customers – they solicited me. Now my old company is trying to put me out of business.”
  • “The plaintiff is accusing us of stealing their designs, plans, and drawings, but these are available to the public and customers. They are bullying us with this lawsuit because we are cutting into their market.”

Depending on the circumstances there are several potential remedies, including injunctive relief, damages, and attorney’s fees. For a variety of reasons, it is important to act quickly when pursuing or defending against these claims.

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